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Covermate Stretch to Fit Food Covers are quick and easy to use and a much better alternative to single use cling wrap in every way.

How to fit CoverMate Stretch to Fit food covers:

Fitting CoverMate food covers couldn't be easier.

  • Firstly, select the size that comfortably fits the size of bowl, plate, dish, platter or produce that you want to cover. The cover sizes are listed on the back of the packaging for convenience.

  • Now Simply hook the Flexband over the side nearest to you and pull the cover towards the side furthest away from you, hooking the Flexband over all other sides until the item is completely covered.

  • For oblong or square dishes, rotate the food cover until the built in corners line up with the corners of the dish.

  • When microwaving, please make sure the Flexband is not overlapping the food cover and blocking the built in vents. This will prevent hot air from escaping.

  • It's worth noting that the coloured Flexband stretches, not the actual cover material. 


How to Microwave with CoverMate Stretch to Fit food covers:

BPA & PVC freeCoverMate food covers are microwave safe up to 220 F. Great for keeping your microwave splatter free when reheating, defrosting or steaming food. Which in turn saves you time and money. Follow the instructions below to get the most out of your CoverMate food covers.

  • Use a microwave safe container large enough to leave a 1 inch (25mm) gap between the food cover and the food.

  • Fit the food cover as mentioned above and ensure the flexband is not overlapping the cover as this may close off the built in air vents which allow steam to escape.

  • Avoid direct contact between the food cover and foods high in fat or sugar. This could cause the cover to melt.

  • The food cover and container will get hot in the microwave, so use caution before removing the cover and allow steam to escape and food to cool for at least one minute.

  • Only use CoverMate food covers in microwave ovens.

How to Clean CoverMate Stretch to Fit food covers:

CoverMate food covers are dishwasher safe, so can be placed in the dishwasher or washed by hand.

Here's some pointers for both methods.


  • The small (blue band), medium (Green band) and large (Red band) CoverMate food covers can be fitted over the handle of the dishwasher cutlery basket or placed over an upside down tumbler or long glass. The extra large (gold band) which is supplied in the 10 cover variety pack, can be fitted over a clean plate and placed in the rack.

  • Fit with the side that needs cleaning on the outside.

  • The food covers may sometimes hold water after a wash, so remove and drain as soon as the dishwasher cycle is finished and cooled enough to safely handle the cover.

Hand washing:

  • Place your hand inside the CoverMate food cover. Apply an anti bacterial dishwashing liquid to a non scratch cleaning sponge or cloth, wash the CoverMate food cover in sections. Rotate the cover in your hand until the cover has been completely washed.

  • Turn the cover inside out and repeat the process until fully cleaned. 

  • Rinse the cover to remove any soap residue.

  • To dry, hold the cover in the middle and shake to remove excess water. Open out the cover and place on the drainer in a cone shape to dry.

  • In cold weather, use a clean cloth or towel to dry the cover. Store in the recloseable packet when completely dry.

  • Reuse and repeat the cleaning process.

How to Re-use CoverMate food covers:

Covermate food covers are very versatile and can be used for many other purposes around the home. Finding other uses for them when they are no longer suitable for food will delay recycling and save you more money and time. Use them on dog food tins, paint tins, cover boots in the garage or outside to keep creepy crawlies out. Plumbers and kitchen installers have been using them to cover waste pipes during bathroom and kitchen renos to keep unwanted smells at bay. Gardeners are using them to cover seedling pots. With many more ideas sent in, we'll shortly be adding a gallery to show case your ingenuity. 

How to Recycle CoverMate food covers:

CoverMate Stretch to Fit Food Covers and their packaging, are recyclable and can be deposited in the following Australian retailer recycling schemes listed below. 

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